Medical Qi Gong

with Linnie O’Flanagan, L.Ac.

Qi gong (“chee-gung”), which means “energy skill” or “energy manipulation”, is an ancient Chinese art which incorporates movement, breath and meditation to achieve greater health, vitality, balance, concentration, strength, awareness and tranquility. It dates back over 5000 years and is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Medical Qi Gong is the school of qi gong that focuses on health and longevity. Like acupuncture, the practice of qi gong circulates the vital energy or “qi” within our bodies, helping us to overcome the blockages and imbalances which result in discomfort and disease.

Medical Qi Gong is used by the practitioner internally to maintain health and harmony, and is used externally to treat the patient. Specific exercises are prescribed for the patient to address distinct health concerns and prevent and treat all kinds of illnesses including asthma, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, insomnia and psycho-emotional problems. The regular practice of qi gong improves strength, balance, immune function and mental clarity, while promoting relaxation and a sense of harmony within oneself and with nature.

Linnie offers medical qi gong treatments, private instruction in meditation and prescriptive qi gong exercises, and qi gong classes. – FAQ’s and other information about qi gong.