Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a powerful tool that works synergistically with acupuncture. Unlike supplements sold in stores, Chinese herbal formulas are carefully crafted for each patient’s specific condition, using the theories and diagnostic principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The herbs are chosen not only for their specific actions, but also for how they work in combination and on an energetic level. As the patient’s health changes in response to treatment, the practitioner adjusts the herbal formula, or creates a whole new prescription.

Herbal Pharmacy

Our herbal pharmacy is primarily in extracts (tinctures), which we have found to be the most effective form of herbal medicine for our patients; the herbs are absorbed well and the extracts are easy for patients to use.

We also carry Chinese and some Western herbs in bulk. These may be purchased
individually by the public or compounded to fill prescriptions by licensed herbalists.

Medicinal Teas

Linnie has created a modular system of Purposeful Teas (herbal blends) for common ailments, and also provides custom teas for her patients. Come meet her in one of her free Purposeful Tea Parties.