Simply stated, acupuncture is the insertion of hair-thin needles (and/or other stimuli) into specific points along the energy pathways of the body, restoring balance and promoting health and well-being. Scientifically speaking, acupuncture restores balance and reduces pain by affecting the release of the body’s natural biochemicals such as hormones, neurotransmitters and endorphins. It also enhances immune function at both the biochemical and cellular levels. (See Traditional Chinese Medicine.) – Articles about acupuncture and oriental medicine.

The World Health Organization

The use of acupuncture is recognized by the WHO for the treatment of the diseases and disorders listed below. (The Chinese recognize its effectiveness in treating a much longer list.)

Abdominal painHeadachePostoperative recovery/pain
Acne vulgarisHepatitis BPremenstrual syndrome
Chemo/radiotherapy reationsHeroin dependenceProstatitis
Alcohol dependence & detoxificationHerpes zosterPruritus
Allergic rhinitisHyperlipaemiaPseudoraducular pain syndrome
Bell's palsyHypertension, essentialRadicular pain syndrome
Biliary colicHypo-ovarianismRaynaud syndrome
Bronchial asthmaHypotension, primaryReflex sympathetic dystrophy
Cancer painInduction of laborRenal colic
Cardiac neurosisInsomniaRetention of urine
CholecystitisKnee painRheumatoid arthritis
CholelithiasisLabor painSchizophrenia
Cocaine dependenceLactationSciatica
Competition stress syndromeLeukopeniaSialism, drug-induced
Craniocerebral injuryLow back painSjogren syndrome
DepressionMale sexual dysfunctionSore throat
Diabetes mellitusMalposition of fetusSpine pain
Dysentery, acute bacillaryMeniere diseaseSprain
Dysmenorrhoea, primaryMorning sicknessStiff neck
EaracheNausea and vomitingStroke
Epidemic haemorrhagic feverNeck painTMJ dysfunction
Epigastralgia, acuteNeuralgiaTennis elbow
EpistaxisNeurodermatitisTietze syndrome
Eye painObesityTobacco dependence
Facial painOpium dependenceTonsillitis
Facial spasmOsteoarthritisTourette syndrome
Female infertilityPain in dentistryUlcerative colitis
Female urethral syndromeThromboangiitis obliterans painUrinary-tract infection
Firbromyalgia and fasciitisPeriarthritis of shoulderUrolithiasis
Gastrokinetic disturbancePolycystic ovary syndromeVascular dementia
Gouty arthritisPostextubation in childrenWhooping cough