Important Announcements!

  • New Acupuncturist
  • January Special
  • Group Acupuncture Returns
  • New Scheduling & Rates
  • Prepayment Discounts
  • Variable Tincture Pricing

New Hours

Starting January 16th, our teashop will be open to the public Monday thru Thursday 10am to 6pm.

New Acupuncturist

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our professional staff!

Licensed acupuncturist, Marta Correll, will be offering both private and group acupuncture here at One River Medicine, beginning Wednesday, January 11th with private sessions.

January Special!   15% off treatments with Marta!  

Group Acupuncture

We are excited to announce that we are offering Group Acupuncture again!

Done while relaxing in lounge chairs, this is a more affordable way to get acupuncture when the condition allows for extremities-only treatments. Group acupuncture can be used to supplement your regular treatments, or for general health maintenance and treatment of many chronic issues.

Group Acupuncture appointments will be with our new acupuncturist, Marta Correll, L.Ac. Starts Thursday, January 12th.


  • Our schedule will be running on 10 minute increments to accommodate group acupuncture appointments.
  • “Simple” private acupuncture treatments will increase from 15 minutes to 20 minutes with the practitioner, allowing for more conditions to be treated in these shorter sessions.
  • A 10-minute Evaluation & Management will be added to your regular appointment when custom tinctures and teas need to be formulated or reviewed.

New Schedule

  Group Acupuncture

Marta Correll

Private Treatment

Marta Correll

Private Treatment

Linnie O’Flanagan

Private Instruction

Linnie O’Flanagan

Mon. 2:00-6:10pm 10:00am-12:10pm 1:30-6:30pm
Tue. 10:30am – 2:30pm 10:30-6:30pm 4:00-6:30pm
Wed. Noon-6:30pm 10:00am-6:30pm
Thu. 2:00-6:10pm 10:30-6:30pm 10:30am-12:30pm

New Rates

With the new scheduling comes new rates, effective January 16, 2017. Click for new rate sheet.

Prepayment Discounts

We are now offering a single option for those who would like to pay in advance for their treatments.

  • Deposit $1000 toward your treatments, to be used within 12 months.
  • Receive 15% off all services paid for with the deposited funds.
  • Credit card payment requires additional $27.50 to cover the merchant service fees.

Variable Tincture Pricing

The price of herbs is continuously rising, and we can no longer afford to offer a flat rate for our custom tinctures. Effective immediately, the price of tinctures will reflect the cost of each herb in the blend. Some of you may have an increased cost and some may have a decreased cost. This also means that the cost of your tincture will vary, depending on the cost of the herbs at that time. Remember, if we refill into your bottle, you get $1.50 off.